In the current economic climate cutting costs and improving efficiency are key. This can be acheived by outsourcing your payroll to us to save both time and money.


Our payroll service guarantees compliance with Payroll legislation and statutory requirements meaning you don't have to keep retraining employees and you won't need to worry about them going off sick or on holiday.



Let us simplify your payroll process. Email us your payroll changes, on completion, we will email you the reports as password protected PDF attachments and dispatch your employees' payslips to you.

Our services in this area include:

  • Free set up of your payroll
  • All statutory requirements including tax, NICs, SSP, SMP, SPP, SAP and student loans
  • Advice on Tax and National Insurance matters
  • A set of management reports (sent via password protected email or post)
  • Bespoke reports can be created to suit your requirements
  • Security Payslips